Posted by: dinparprob | December 20, 2008

Goat Race, Have You Ever Ear???

Goat Race

Goat Race

Horse races are commonplace. So also with bull races which representing Madura Island. While goat races, maybe still different in your ear. Goat races is one of the  characteristic of Probolinggo Town. speed of goat when confronted is determinant of the victory. Race system weared in goat races in general is equal to other race. The  participant who win in the elimination, can continue to next phase.

Race which performed in terrain contest two class, namely class A and class B. Class A is group which followed by winner in the elimination. Both of the class still divided again become other classs pursuant to goat size. Typically event of Probolinggo Town not only followed by urban community of Probolinggo, but Lumajang society partake to join as participant.

This annual event which fight for mayor trophy isn’t leeway event. To proving the seriously, committee even perform pre race tournament  so the goat do not down when following race in fact. So, to you who have goat, can also follow this event which is usually performed in January every year


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