Posted by: dinparprob | December 20, 2008

Leaf Dress Contest 2008



Sunday, 23 November 2008, Kontes Busana Daun (Leaf Contest Dress) was performed by Pemkot Probolinggo. Theme of this event which is the first time performed in Town of Probolinggo is usage of leaf. These themes according to title of Kota Probolinggo as Thousand Garden Town. Kobuda (Leaf Contest Dress) was followed by high school student arround Kota Probolinggo. This Unique Event opened and also witnessed directly by Mayor of Kota Probolinggo, Mr. H.M.Buchori.

The cloth of Kobuda’s participant highly varied but remain to use leaf as material. This matter represent a result of very good achievement to make dress contest. Inspite of not glorious as Jember Fashion Contest, but the audience have enthusiasm witness this event. Mayor Buchori very proud with the seriousness and the creativity from all participant of Kobuda. Execution of this Kobuda concentrated for the usage of natural resources of Indonesia. Indonesia country which have abundance resources must supported by creativity of its human too. One of the easiest way is by altering something that is not valuable becoming a useful good and high valuable.

The spirit of participant which very high can be seen by the amount of participant which followed this event. From all school exist in Town Probolinggo, about 20 groups followed Kobuda which is next year planned as international event. Not defeated with the Kobuda’s participants, all of fotografer which follow in photography competition nor stop to take picture.

Besides good execution, the planning facet also very paid attention by committee. Besides publicized through printing media, Kobuda also publicized through internet. All of fotografer also very meritorious in extension of its information because they have mentioned Kobuda as event which must followed ( To you which cannot join in this year, don’t worry. Prepare yourself to follow in the next year event which will be performed in July. Of course with a good preparation because your kompetitor not only from Probolinggo Town, but also vinicity towns because will become international event.



  1. Keren Gak??????
    Ni artikel bahasa inggris pertama gue..

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