Posted by: dinparprob | December 20, 2008

Manula Garden, Unforgetable Park

Manula Garden, Unforgetable Park

Manula Garden, Unforgetable Park

Old man is someone who have long age in society. They need psychological and also physical support. Psychological support can be given by society in general and family especially. While physical motivation realized in availibility of activity facilities.

Probolinggo Town’s Government have developed garden facility majored for old man resided in Suyoso statue precisely in Jalan Soekarno- Hatta. They built Manula Garden to give happiness and fitness to all old man so they can fill leeway by enjoying sport and recreation. Beside that, the purpose also to realize independence, prosperity of old man so that can lengthen a spark of life age and a productive period to old man.

With existing facility, gardening areal as a media for refreshing and sport medium make this garden as one of the place which is proper to be visited by you if stop in Probolinggo Town. This garden have a gasebo, pigeon bird, fountain and fish at river residing west of the monument areal. Other unforgetable facility is massage, which can be alternative of medicinal treatment.

In the next, government will develop Manula garden by added free internet hot spot, and sport medium for old man. So, don’t miss it Manula Garden. Feel the things which you can get in Taman Manula.


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