Posted by: dinparprob | December 20, 2008

Red Church, Special In the World



Church of GPIB Immanuel, getting the naming of as red church because all of building ornamen which standing in the 19th century is red colored. Red blaze impression cannot be discharged by the first time to see this church.

This Red Church built by Priest Pati Rajawane, standing at the period of Mayor Meijer’s leadership ,the first Probolinggo’s mayor. Almost all of the church ornamen which have age 147 year is rose colored. This church growing unique because construction, wall, roof and stairs going to sermon tribune made of steel.

The material of this church was sent directly from Dutch. Perhaps, the church building only two in the world, (in Dutch country and in Town of Probolinggo). Moreover, this red church has an ancient holy book (alkitab) which printed in 1681 by Dutch.

Because of the different from others, this red church becomes center of Nasrani in Probolinggo. Priest Tan Tacazini enhance, red colour of this building means the blood (sacrifice) of Jesus Christ which redeeming sin of people in this world.

( Metrotvnews.Com)



  1. keren juga ya gerejanya???

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