Posted by: dinparprob | December 20, 2008

Tiban Mosque, Unique Mosque

Tiban_Mosque, Unique Mosque

Tiban_Mosque, Unique Mosque

Many ascription that Tiban Mosque which locatedĀ  in Pilang, Probolinggo Town ahead become one with Gili Island which located in Coastal North of Kabupaten Probolinggo. But this ascription is expostulated by doyen exist in Mosque of Tiban. It is said, existence of Mosque of Tiban emerge during split second like in story of Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta. Tiban Mosque have separate unique that in backyard there is a stone which used by Syaeh Maulana to penanced. And at elbow Mosque there is a well which its water containing many possitive effect for healing all kinds of disease. May even exist also using it to ask couple by drank and take a bath with this water. The visitor of this mosque from various area. They usually come at Jum’at manis night. Usually after Sholat and recitate, they take a bath from water of Tiban Mosque.


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